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Cámaras de vigilancia y seguridad
Cerco Eléctrico, seguridad perimetral, Energizador, Cercos Eléctricos Biometría, control de acceso, control de asistencia, reloj de asistencia biometrico, identificación, autentificación, huella digital, acceso por huella. Sistemas de Alarmas, centrales, sensores, etc. Departamento de Ingenieria, para proyectos de gran envergadura. Dvr standalone y Dvr basados en pc y tarjetas dvr para digitalización de imagenes Formulario de contacto
Camaras de Vigilancia y Seguridad, CCTV. Circuito Cerrado de tv, Monitoreo por Internet


  • PD-YPTZ100
Cámaras de Vigilancia, Cámaras de Seguridad, Dvr, Tarjetas Dvr, Dvr standalone, Biometría, Cerco Eléctrico. Cámara vigilancia, Cámara Seguridad. Sistemas de Seguridad y Vigilancia.
$ 0 + IVA

  • PD-DD250S
Cámaras de Vigilancia, Cámaras de Seguridad, Dvr, Tarjetas Dvr, Dvr standalone, Biometría, Cerco Eléctrico. Cámara vigilancia, Cámara Seguridad. Sistemas de Seguridad y Vigilancia.
$ 55816 + IVA

  • PD-DVR7604
Cámaras de Vigilancia, Cámaras de Seguridad, Dvr, Tarjetas Dvr, Dvr standalone, Biometría, Cerco Eléctrico. Cámara vigilancia, Cámara Seguridad. Sistemas de Seguridad y Vigilancia.
$ 232000 + IVA

Cámaras de Vigilancia, Cámaras de Seguridad, Dvr, Tarjetas Dvr, Dvr standalone, Biometría, Cerco Eléctrico. Cámara vigilancia, Cámara Seguridad. Sistemas de Seguridad y Vigilancia.
Camaras de Vigilancia y Seguridad, CCTV. Circuito Cerrado de tv, Monitoreo por Internet

Sistemas de seguridad basados en camaras de vigilancia, dvr standalone, biometria 

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Sistemas de seguridad basados en camaras de vigilancia, dvr standalone, biometria


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Secutron's MR-2100 and MR-2200 addressable input ?re alarm control panels provide ?exible and cost effective operation to satisfy system requirements for both economy and capability. Their modular design assures that as system needs and applicable codes evolve, ?re alarm control panel functions can be updated as required.

Optional networking modules allows the MR-2100 and MR-2200 to be connected to a Secutron network to provide additional input circuits, visual zones, programmable noti?cation appliance (bell) circuits, and relays. Up to 254 control and annunciator units can be networked together. The network is a DCLR (Data Communications Link, Redundant) con?guration loop.

The MR-2100 models provide a single addressable input Signaling Line Circuit for support of up to 198 addressable devices; up to 99 detectors and up to 99 control/monitor modules.

The MR-2200 models provide two SLCs for support of 198 devices on each allowing a total capacity of up to 396 addressable devices; up to 198 detectors and up to 198 control/monitor modules total.

Option modules are available and can be conveniently ?eld installed. Modules are available for: additional NAC output circuits & function relays, local LED annunciation, additional NAC power, and Central Station (DACT) or Remote Station (DACT or CITY Module) connection.

UL, ULC, CSFM and MEA Listed
UL Listed to Standard 864 “Standard for Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems”
ULC Listed to CAN/ULC-S527 “Standard for Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems”
MR-2100 provides a Single Addressable Input Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) for up to 198 Addressable Devices MR-2200 provides Dual Addressable Input Signaling Line Circuits for up to 396 Addressable Devices
SLCs are selectable for either Class A (Style 6) or Class B (Style 4) operation
Two Noti?cation Appliance Circuits (NACs), Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y); expandable to eight NACs with optional MRNC2 modules
Four programmable functions relays, Form C; expandable to sixteen relays with MRRL4 modules Programmable cross-zoning functions, day/night mode, and selective control operations
Two aux. power outputs, 500 mA @ 24 VDC each
4.3 A Power supply with integral battery charger provides
•2.5 A for NACs and Auxiliary Outputs; Expandable to provide up to 7 A NAC Current
Four additional communications ports for Dialer, PC Interface, Voice Evacuation System, and Remote Annunciators
Optional Style 7 (DCLR) MR network peer-to-peer communications
LCD/LED system status display with optional MRLD8 LED zone display modules (required for ULC listed applications)
Surface/?ush mount cabinet with dead front construction allows up to 12 Ah batteries internally mounted Battery charger is capable of charging up to 35 Ah mounted in an external battery cabinet
Cabinet doors are removable for easy installation Terminal blocks are removable for easy wiring Operating program and database can both be uploaded/ downloaded using a Windows® based PC with Secutron Programming Software
Non-volatile event history log stores 1000+ events

Programming the MR-2100/MR-2200 consists of two convenient and easy operations. Input circuit programming and special features (such as cross zoning functions, day/ night mode, selective control operations, etc.) is performed from an externally generated database produced on a Windows® based PC. System parameters and control panel display and operation functions are conveniently programmed from the on board LCD and keypad.

Main Control Unit
System controls consist of eight system switches, an LCD readout, and display entry switches. The display entry keypad is used for technical functions, system/detector maintenance, history recall, device and circuit disarming, and for manual operation of addressable output modules, relay modules, and noti?cation appliance (bell) circuits.

Operator Keys
There are eight operator keys. In the ?gure below, the keys are located on the lower left and are labeled “System Controls.” The LEDs associated with these keys are used to display function status. The top three keys are pre assigned and are: Acknowledge, Signal Silence, and System Reset.

The bottom ?ve keys are user-assignable, selected for the following functions: Lamp Test, Relay Disconnect, Test Mode, Signal Disconnect, Common Disconnect, General Alarm, Selectable Switch Function On, Switch Function Off, or Manual Restart.

The panel local sounder will beep once when a valid key is pressed and beep three times if an invalid or unavailable key is pressed. Key presses are recorded in the history log.

Display Information
The Main Control Panel LCD readout is backlighted and displays 4 lines with 20 characters per line. With AC power present, the LCD backlighting turns off automatically within 5 minutes if no activity occurs. During AC power failure, the backlighting will turn off within 30 seconds without activity.

During normal conditions the display is the main menu which includes the date and a 24 hour clock. During alarm conditions, the ?rst or last (selectable) events of highest priority will be displayed instead of the main menu. A status summary screen lists the number of active alarm, supervisory, or trouble events indicating “SYSTEM OFF NORMAL.”

Addressable Input Circuits
Up to 99 addressable detectors and up to 99 addressable control/monitoring modules may be connected per SLC for a total of 198 addressable devices. MR-2100 models provide a single SLC output, MR-2200 models provide dual SLCs.

Addressable monitoring modules can be programmed for alarm or supervisory functions. Control modules are available for dry contact or supervised output functions.

NAC Outputs
Standard are two NACs rated 2 A maximum. NAC output voltage is a nominal 24 VDC, full wave recti?ed. NAC expansion can be up to eight NACs by using MRNC2 NAC expander modules.
Auxiliary Outputs
Two auxiliary power outputs are provided, each rated for 500 mA at a nominal 24 VDC, ?ltered and regulated.

Function Relays
The panel comes with four programmable Form C function relays rated 2 A @ 30 VDC resistive. Total function relays can be expanded to 16 by using MRRL4 relay expander modules. Relays can be programmed as Common Alarm, Common Trouble, Common Supervisory, or general purpose functions.

Power Supply and Expansion Transformer
Each MR-2100/2200 ?re alarm control panel is shipped with either a 120 VAC or 240 VAC transformer as determined by the base model number. Total NAC power can be increased by adding a second transformer of the same voltage, MR12VAC or MR24VAC.
The standard power supply provides 2.5 A @ 24 VDC (full wave recti?ed, un?ltered) for the total of NAC and Auxiliary power output. With the addition of an optional transformer, the total NAC and Auxiliary power output is increased to 8 A with up to 7 A available for NACs.

Enclosure Details
The enclosure includes the mounting box, outer door, dead front door, and hardware plate. It can be ?ush or surface mounted without requiring a separate trim ring.

Both the outer door and dead front doors are removable. The hardware plate holds the main printed circuit board and transformer(s). This enclosure holds two transformers, up to three NAC or Relay expander modules, and one communicator module.
The backbox is included with the ?re alarm control panel and includes an outer lip around the perimeter to provide a built in trim for semi-?ush mounting applications. The door conceals the outer lip and provides a neat and clean appearance for surface mounted box applications.

Optional Features
NAC Expander Board Model MRNC2
NAC Expander Boards provide two additional NAC outputs. Up to three modules can be added within the basic enclosure and can be any combination of NAC or Relay expanders. NAC Expander Board NACs are rated for 2 A @ 24 VDC each, the same as the standard NACs.

Relay Expander MRRL4
Relay Expander module MRRL4 provides four additional function relay outputs. Each relay provides a Form C contact rated 2 A @ 30 VDC resistive with dry contacts requiring connection to a power limited source.

Eight Zone LED Module MRLD8
For local LED panel mounted zone annunciation, the MRLD8 module provides eight zones of LED annunciation, readily visible on the front of the control panel cabinet. Up to three LED modules can be mounted on the front of the cabinet. Each module has label pockets to locally identify zone locations.
NOTE: An MRLD8 LED module is required for ULC listed applications.

DACT Module - MRDL
The optional Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) module is added to the system to provide Remote Station monitoring of system alarms, troubles, and supervisory conditions. Communications are available for : Contact ID, SIA, or 10/20 bps formats.
Use of the DACT module requires that two telephone lines be provided for connection to the DACT. Service must be arranged with a Central Station monitoring facility for Remote Station Service.
(MRDL is not ULC listed).

City Connection Module MRCTYB
Optional module MRCTYB can be con?gured for remote Station (reverse polarity) or Municipal Master (local energy) service. The MRCTYB can transmit alarm, trouble, and supervisory conditions when con?gured for reverse polarity operation. Alarm conditions are only reported when con?gured for Municipal Master operation.
Note: The MR-2100/MR-2200 accepts either the MRDL or the MRCTYB module.

Peer-to-Peer Networking
MR-2100/2200 control panels can be networked to other control units for up to a total of 254 network members, each using Style 7 (DCLR) loop communications. One control unit is designated as the master control unit for the network and diagnostics can be done at any control unit.

Programming of each individual control unit is done at that unit. Each control unit operates independently in a standalone mode if network communications are lost.

Compatible Products
LCD Annunciator Model MR-2644
For remote information annunciation, model MR-2644 is an LCD status annunciator with display, general system status LEDs, and general function keys.
(MR-2644 is not ULC Listed.)

LED Annunciator Model MR-2614
Model MR-2614 is a status annunciator with LED zone display, general system status lights, and general function keys. It provides up to 72 LED zones with three status LEDs per zone.


Input Power
120 VAC, 60 Hz 2A maximum Ratings are per transformer; one additional transformer
240 VAC, 50 Hz 1A maximum may be added to increase capacity

Overall Dimensions with Door 16-7/8” W x 29-1/2” H x 5-1/4” D (429 mm x 749 mm x 133 mm) [see page 5 for mounting box detail]

Temperature Range 32° to 120°F (0° to 49° C)
Humidity Range Up to 93% RH, non-condensing @ 90° F (32° C) maximum

Signaling Line Circuit Ratings
Voltage 24 VDC nominal, 27.5 VDC maximum
Max. number of devices MR-2100, Single SLC: 198 total, 99 detector, 99 control/monitor modules
MR-2200, Dual SLCs: 396 total, 198 detectors, 198 control/monitor modules
Compatible devices Refer to list on page 5
Maximum line length 3045 m (10,000 ft) (12 AWG, 3.31 mm2)
Operation modes Available as Style 6 (Class A) or Style 4 ( Class B); T-tapping is allowed with Style 4 (Class B) connections

Notification Appliance Circuit Output Circuits, Standard and Expansion NACs
NAC Output Ratings 2 A maximum per NAC; 24 V full wave rectified DC output; power limited
NAC Current, Standard with
One Transformer Total of NACs + Auxiliary Power = 2.5 A maximum
(if Aux. Power Total = 500 mA; NAC power = 2 A maximum)
NAC Current with Optional Transformer Total NAC current = 7 A maximum
Total of NACs + Auxiliary Power = 8 A maximum
(optional transformer MR12VAC or MR24VAC)

Function Relay Output Circuits, Standard and Expansion Relays
All Relays 2 A @ 30 VDC resistive; Form C contacts; requires power limited source

Power Output Circuits
Auxiliary Power Outputs Each output is rated 500 mA @ 24 VDC, filtered,
(two outputs) regulated, and power limited; maximum ripple voltage
= 600 mVpp

Battery Information
Battery Charger current limited float charger for sealed lead acid batteries
Float Charge 27.5 VDC
Charging Current 2.7 A maximum, no auxiliary loads; 1.7 A nominal with 0.5 A on each Auxiliary output
Maximum Battery Capacity 12 Ah maximum size internal to cabinet;
35 Ah maximum size allowed, requires model MR2978 External Battery Cabinet

Communications Ports
ANN (annunciator port) Fixed baud rate @ 4800 bps; for use with MR-2614 or MR-2644 Annunciators (refer to individual product
Installation Instructions for capacities and wiring distances)
RS-232-2 (MV-2700 or GRID) Fixed baud rate @ 9600 bps; 20 ft (6m) maximum distance; for use with MV-2700 Voice Evacuation
System or GRID Graphical PC Display
CON4 (Dialer/City Module Port) Fixed baud rate @ 4800 bps; for use with MRDL Digital Communicator Module or MRCTYB City Module
J1 (Service port or serial printer port) Fixed baud rate @ 9600 bps; 6 m (20 ft) maximum distance; for use with Service/Programming PC
(using Windows 95 or 98); or for serial input printer
Network Ports
COM1, COM2 Standard Protocol: 10km (33,000 feet; 6.2 miles) (Secutron MR peer to peer maximum distance between nodes, minimum 28
network, redundant DCLR) AWG wires (0.081 mm2);
Total panel capacity varies with programmable baud rate: up to 254 panels with 9600, 4800, and 2400; up to 200 panels at 1200
RS-232 Protocol: up to 20 m (66 ft), typically for connection to external modem

Network Wiring Parameters Baud Rate Max Capacitance Max Network Nodes
(maximum line resistance = 9600 100 nF 254
680 ohms) 4800 220 nF 254
2400 470 nF 254
1200 680 nF 200

Compatible Addressable Devices Reference Information

Model Description
MRI-1251B Ionization type smoke detector
MRI-2251B Photoelectric type smoke detector
MRI-2251TB Photoelectric type smoke detector with thermal element
MRI-2251TMB Acclimate Photo-Thermal Detector
MRI-DH200PL Intelligent photoelectric duct smoke detector (w/o relays) MRI-DH200RPL Intelligent photoelectric duct smoke detector with two, 10 A Form C
MRI-5251B Thermal detector
MRI-5251RB Thermal detector with rate of rise
MRI- M500DM Dual input monitor module
MRI-M500M Monitor module, Classes A/B initiating
MRI-M501M Mini-monitor module, Class B initiating
MRI-M502M Monitor module for 2-wire smoke detectors Classes A/B initiating
MRI-M500S Supervised control module
MRI-M500R Dual Form C relay module
MRI-M500X Fault isolator module
MR-2100 & MR-2200 Back Box Dimension Reference


El grabador digital de video (DVR), para sistemas de seguridad basados en cámaras de vigilancia y alarmas, gana cada día mayor presencia dentro del mercado de empresas en chile y el mundo, dado que hoy sus precios se tornan mas accesibles y los usuarios más exigentes.

El DVR es un dispositivo usado en seguridad como servidor de una red de vigilancia basado en cámaras, alarmas, audio, etc., permite visualizar y grabar en un disco duro imágenes, videos y audio, posee funciones PTZ (permite movimientos de cámaras y lentes) registra los horarios en que ocurren los eventos, además algunos tienen la posibilidad de realizar operaciones vía Internet, estas características colocan al DVR por sobre los demás sistemas de vigilancia.

Algunas de las diferencias entre el DVR y los demás sistemas de grabación (PC) son:

1. El sistema operativo que usa no puede ser intervenido por los usuarios.
2. No existen Virus para DVR y la mayoría usa sistemas operativos Linux que son libres de infección.
3. No permite ningún tipo de descarga de información desde Internet. Solo acepta actualizaciones a su sistema operativo.
4. Es usado en circuitos cerrados de video, esta libre afectarse por una caída de red.

El DVR por dentro es muy similar a un computador (Disco duro, Tarjeta de red, Placa madre, memoria ram); y por fuera, posee la apariencia de un VHS.

El DVR es compatible con todo tipo de cámaras análogas tales como:
Cámaras box, cámaras IR (infrarrojas), cámaras domo, domo PTZ.
Y accesorios: teclados PTZ, alarmas de ruido y digitales.

Todas estas características ponen al DVR por sobre los demás sistemas de grabación. Si su empresa está buscando un sistema profesional debe elegir un DVR.


Venta, soporte técnico, y capacitación en toda clase de productos de tecnología para empresas, como son:

* Cámara Box
* Cámara IR (infrarrojas)
* Cámara Ocultas (cámaras pir, mini cámaras, cámaras tipo detector de humo)
* Cámara Domo y Cámaras domo IR (infrarrojo)
* Cámara PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom 22x
* Lente, lente con zoom
* Dvr stand alone (profesional) 4, 8,16 canales ch.
* Tarjeta Dvr (4,16 canales ch.)
* Multiplexor
* Control de Acceso Biométrico
* Control de Asistencia Biométrico
* Cable UTP cat 5
* Cable coaxial rg59, rg6, rg11.
* Conector rj45, f, f a bnc, f a rca.
* Computador normal y Computador para Server
* Monitor LCD y CRT
* Router
* Access Point
* Antena Wifi.
* Amplificador de señal (Balum para UTP)
* Servicios de: Instalación, Soporte técnico, y Capacitación.

Equipos recomendados para ser instalados en una:

* Casa
* Oficina
* Empresa
* Fabrica
* Galpón
* Bodega
* Hotel
* Residencial
* Institución de gobierno

Confíe en expertos, confíe en PYMEDIGITAL.

Circuitos cerrados de televisión TV, cámaras de vigilancia, cámaras de seguridad, control acceso biométricos, control de asistencia biométrico., DVR profesional, cámaras de exterior, cámaras de interior, cámaras infrarrojas, domo ptz.

nfíe en expertos, confíe en PYMEDIGITAL.

Circuitos cerrados de televisión TV, cámaras de vigilancia, cámaras de seguridad, control acceso biométricos, control de asistencia biométrico., DVR profesional, cámaras de exterior, cámaras de interior, cámaras infrarrojas, domo ptz.

.... .
Camaras de Vigilancia y Seguridad, CCTV. Circuito Cerrado de tv, Monitoreo por Internet

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